The applications of decorative concrete designs are far reaching. Concrete is the perfect canvas for creating a cost-effective replica of more expensive materials, without giving up a natural, authentic look. Ideas can be found for patios, outdoor living spaces, driveways, walkways etc., in many forms such as stained concrete, stamped concrete, colored concrete, exposed aggregate and more.

Concrete designs add a level of sophistication to any home project and Handyman Concrete has the tools and supplies to make even the most intricate decorative jobs come to life.

Wide Variety of Options

Available in a wide array of colors and patterns to create custom distinctive looks such as granite, slate, stone, brick or even wood, decorative concrete can be installed at a fraction of the cost of conventional materials, while still offering superior durability and ease of maintenance.

Below is a listing of some of the decorative products Handyman has to offer. For more detailed information, please contact Michael Gerlock at [email protected].


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  • Brick: Basketweave Used Brick, Herringbone Used Brick
  • Granite: Olde London Mermaid Granite
  • Slate: Notched Ashlar Slate, Notched Olde English, Olde English Sidewalk Slate, Olde World Slate Diamond, Random Olde English Slate
  • Stone: Large Random Flagstone, Flower Rock
  • Seamless Texture Skins: 5×5 Olde English Slate, 4×4 Olde English Slate, 5×5 Coquina
  • Wood Plank: Ganged 8” Pegged Wood Plank
  • Borders Tools: Belgian Soldier Course, Cobblestone, 6” Wood Pegged Wood Plank
  • Custom Tools: Compass, Grapevine, Fleur De Lis
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Is a water-based, ready-to-use pigmented slurry of special synthetic iron oxide pigments designed to be put directly into the mixer enabling the color to be infused throughout the entire concrete mixture.

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A pre-measured system packaged in convenient disintegrating plastic bags that achieves 28 shades with variable loadings for 7 standard integral base colors.

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Color Hardener is a ready-to-use dry-shake powder used to color and harden freshly placed concrete for stamping and other decorative surfaces. Available in 30 standard colors.

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Color Release is formulated to provide a barrier between stamping tools and wet concrete to prevent suction and facilitate the release of flexible stamping tools. Applied directly to the wet concrete surface prior to stamping, Color Release contains integrated iron-oxide pigments to add color and depth to a stamped surface.

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Is an easy-to-use tintable polymer-modified, cementitious-based, single-component grout designed for use on new or worn concrete substrates. Thin-Crete stamped overlay offers the texture, look, feel and durability of stamped concrete.

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Is a deep penetrating, chemical stain that can be used to color old or new concrete. Acid stain chemically reacts with concrete to provide a distinctive, permanent color with a subtly shaded marbled effect, similar to the aged appearance of natural stone. Rich variegated finishes that will not peel, chip or fade. Other alternatives include Stone Esscence (PDF 450 KB) an eco-friendly transparent stain, Vibra-Stain (PDF 139 KB) a vibrant semi-transparent stain, and Concrete Stain Sealer (PDF 85 KB) an acrylic based stain.

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